Offerings and prices

Option 1

Pre-created content. You can license and download any footage which you find useful for your brand or product promotion at BBRoll for a price as low as $7 per clip. Term: everything is ready, you can download it instantly.

Option 2

Editing services. We provide editing for you using our Pre-Created content and licensed music. Price contains a total sum for needed footage from BBRoll plus $999 for editing services and music licensing. Term - up to 1 week.

Option 3

We film a pack of beauty videos with one model or table top in a certain style for you. Without your product or brand. You get 20 UHD licensed footage for your purposes. It is non-exclusive, we reserve the right to sell them at BBRoll as well. Price $2999, Term up to 2 weeks.

Option 4

Exclusive content for you. We film footage by your request - beauty portraits OR table top, single session. You get 20 clips which may contain your product or brand. We reserve the right to place that footage in our portfolio NOT for sale but as an example. Cost starting at $3499 per set, Term 2-3 weeks.

Option 5

Exclusive ready made commercial. 15-30 sec video or clip sequence for your product or brand. May include beauty portraits, product shots, table tops, whatever. Cost calculated depending on the concept. Start at $7999 up to $25k. Term 3 weeks and more. Placed in our portfolio as an example.


You can combine any of the listed options. E.g. film your product shot by “Option 4” and then edit video using additional footage from BBRoll Base “Option 2”. In this case you get ready commercial with your product for $4498

How does it work

We provide you with high quality content, filmed on top end gear and edited by the qualified team. We’re able to supply it for a very affordable price to you by splitting expenses between several clients making it non-exclusive, so at our portfolio at you will find all these clips for the price as low as $7 per item and even Unlimited Download Subscription plans.

In case you want us to film or edit content exclusively for your product or brand, you should be ready to handle all expenses for the project, that’s why you notice the significant difference between non-exclusive and exclusive content prices.

We love to film beauty content and in both cases we are happy to help you with your video commercial campaign as well as help to find the best price option for you.