3D Animated Product Video, SCS-Dnipro Mining Shaft system Presentation.

Quick overview of all three projects:

Client: Alliance-D
Target usage: exhibitions, direct mail, website.

Screenshot from 3D animated video Alliance-D

2D scenes for 3D animation

2D interface animation for 3D video

Additional enhancing after rendering

Production term 35 days.

The project was made by:
Pavlo Kirichenko – Producer, Director
Viktor Manza – 3D Artist
Gail F Hendley – Copywriting
Glen Harris – Voiceover
CubaseSyde – Music

We are constantly developing and are confidently moving forward. Each subsequent work is always better than the previous one. And if this video inspired you to create product video for your business – write to us, let’s meet and talk, and for you, we will come up with an even more interesting story that will serve the purposes of your business.