Video Commercial for Aurora IVF Clinic


At first, we met with the client and collect all information about what he wants to tell the consumers, who the audience is, what type of video the client wants and what type of services he needs — the budget client is set on. At this stage, the client shows us some reference videos, as examples.
After that, we propose several options, one of which is chosen.


Once the information has been collected, we start creating a script (voiceover text) and planning the visual elements.
Technical script or Shooting script

After developing the shooting script we start to previsualize the most important scenes for the video. We make the storyboard for the shots with the actors.

Aurora IVF commercial video screenplay

The storyboard process determines how the cameras and lighting equipment should be positioned on-set and illustrate the images in sequence.

Aurora IVF Camera Location

Once everything is planned and we know what and how to shoot, we collect the components for shooting. We provide castings, collect props, prepare locations, etc. After preparing all components we shoot the video, and it usually takes from 3 to 6 days. Regarding the Aurora IVF project, it took 4 days: 1st – interviews; 2nd – the technical process of IVF; 3rd – the main day where we shoot all the footage with the actors and finally B-roll day.

Behind the scenes of Aurora IVF clinic commercial video

POST PRODUCTION (Color Correction and Composing)

Every shot of the film needs color correction. During this process we add stylistic color to our footage, fix exposure, contrast and sharpness. Here, you can see difference before and after color correction.

Some footage needs even deeper correction, or enhancing, like removing all of the unnecessary parts or adding images on display screens, so we make compositions for that footage.

Also we animate graphics for the video, using the existing logo, and enhance our videos with explainer andiation and lower thirds.

Animated graphics for commercial video

After creating elements for all stages, we put them together in a high-quality effervescent final video commercial, complete with background music and voiceover.

Also we create a long version of Aurora IVF Clinic video commercial, as a video guide throughout the procedure.