Video about “New Life” cosmetic manufacturing company. A corporate video for the show at the event in honor of the 13th anniversary of the business. The video is also posted on the company website.

The goal that the client has set for us is communication with the aim of increasing the loyalty of employees and strengthening the company’s positive image. Video should briefly and patriotically tell viewers about the features and achievements of the company. Film is designed to show the audience, that already involved (employees of the company).

The concept that our video studio offered: to combine the company’s achievements over the years of existence, to assemble them into a textual history and visualize with the appropriate personnel. Most of the scenes were planned to be shot directly at the enterprise part of the information shown at the expense of graphics, in some scenes use pre-recorded material.


After writing and copywriting a text we create storyboard and plan. All we film for this video was filmed according to this plan. Also in this stage we develop style of graphics.

Сценарный план для корпоративного ролика Новая Жизнь

After the plan is ready, we inspect the locations and give recommendations regarding the appearance of the staff, the availability of necessary props for filming. We agree on the dates of the shooting days. For example, for this project, three shooting days were spent on production and one in the studio for product filming.

We choose white and blue style of graphic elements, according to corporate colors of the company. Auxiliary elements present in the graph: circle and hexahedron – it is associated with the image of chemical elements. 3D graphics style – gradient with reflection and shadow. Background – white-blue with a light “honeycomb” pattern around the edges.

Графические элементы корпоративного ролика Новая Жизнь

Filming was carried out on the camera URSA Mini 4K. Its features: high detail and ample opportunities at the stage of color correction, which we invariably conduct in the program Davinci Resolve. Here is an example of one frame before and after color correction:

Almost in every project there is such a scene in which one simply can’t do without a deep correction of the image, when it is necessary to remove something from frame, or draw something in it. In this video, such frames also exist, here is one of them:

Music. We choose the corporate motivating style melody with elements of the narrative. This is not just a repetitive loop, which would be great for sounding a set of production frames. In our case, the emotional development of the composition is necessary, because we tell a story.

Voiceover. Smooth, without strong fluctuations, at the same time accentuating key phrases. Voice and melody also require detailed processing. The sound design of the project was carried out in the Nuendo program, here is the timeline of the project in the sound editing program:

Обработка звука для корпоративного фильма в программе Nuendo

The project was made by:
Vlad Mashkin – cameraman
PavloKirichenko – director
Andrey Bilym – color correction artist, editor
Marvin Fernandez – Voiceover
Music – GojiProduction

We are constantly developing and are confidently moving forward. Each subsequent work is always better than the previous one. And if this video inspired you to create your corporate video – write to us, let’s meet and talk, and for you, we will come up with an even more interesting story that will serve the purposes of your business.