Happy to announce the national TVC we’ve created for the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

It’s a peer to peer volunteer platform, which helps people who can support others find those in need in the local area.

Great thanks for all who takes apart
DOP: Klimovich Alex
VFX: Andriy Bilym
Actors: Khristina, Yulia Trigubec, Michael Nowak, Kikita Novak, Matviy Katushin, Eugene Pirogov, Alexandra Miroshnichenko, Elena Chaikovska
Those who provide locations, props and contacts: Oleksandr Pashchenko, Ruslan Verteleckiy, Serzh Kryzhanov, Max Chuprin, Alexandra Teslenko
VFX Andriy Bilym

Producer: Pavlo Kyrychenko