Hi. Happy to introduce a video that we’ve made for eDopomoga – a social platform where everyone can help those in need by peer-to-peer donation through grocery certificates.
It’s been a kind of volunteering project for the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, for which we give our equipment and production free of charge and the HelpUkraine22 foundation gives us an opportunity to pay all Ukrainian people like freelancers and actors involved in the project.

Video is coming soon..

Overall we’ve filmed two stories – about a woman who sent aid for a Ukrainian grandy and a man who helped a mother with a kid – both internal displaced persons.

We also edited several versions of these videos – 45s full version, 30s and 15s which you can find at the end of this article.

So about a production. We filmed it in three filming days totally involving more than 30 people in this project. For filming we’ve used a Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G2 camera with the Sigma Art lens. What can I say, blackmagic video assist and Tilta Nucleus are handy-dandy tools.
Here are some BTS shots…

BTS eDopomoga BTS eDopomoga

BTS eDopomoga BTS eDopomoga

There’s some graphics in this project and I love it.

Great thanks to all people who help us with this project:

Director / DOP: Alex Klimovich
Filming crew: Kirill Hryvenuk, Pavlo Kyrychenko, Evgene Savchenko

Anastasia Boyko
Natalia Trempolets
Sergii Trempolets
Alexandra Nefodova
Anastasiia Plakhtiy
Kris Katan
Dmitry Litvin
Eugene Ozhienko
Iryna Kostuchenko
Elizaveta Pedash

Agencies: Maria Horobets, Irina

Dmitry Shehovtsov

Sergii Syzonenko
Alexandr Varava

Proofreading: Felicia G Hendley
Sound Design: Andrey Barba
Colorist: Dmitriy Bas
Finance: HelpUkraine22
Producer of the project: Pavlo Kyrychenko